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  1. How to Work Around the Error “Failure” on the Hot Spare Configured Drive
    [Answer ID: 15125]
    If you initialize your TeraStation's settings, you may have a "Failure" status on a hot spare drive. If NAS Navigator2 or the TeraStation's LCD doesn't show the error message "HDx Broken E30 Replace the DISK", the drive doesn't fail....
  2. Even if NTP is enabled, the time on the TeraStation is out of synchronization with NTP server
    [Answer ID: 15130]
    If you initialize your TeraStation's settings, over a long period of time the internal clock of the TeraStation may show somewhat different time with NTP server even if NTP is enabled. In this case, adjust the time by either of the following ways:...
  3. The TeraStation may not send you an email notification of quotas.
    [Answer ID: 15132]
    If you initialize your TeraStation's settings, the TeraStation may not send you an email notification of quotas.Delete files before quota exceeded. Updated firmware fixing this problem will be released at the end of August, 2013. You will be able to download the updated firmware from the following URLs....
  4. LinkStation 400 - How to Add a Shared Folder
    [Answer ID: 15135]
    1.In Advanced Settings, navigate to [File Sharing] - [Folder Setup] and click the icon. How to Open Settings 2.Click [Create Folder]. 3.Configure the settings, then click [OK]. Notes:...
  5. LinkStation 400 - How to Use Active Directory
    [Answer ID: 15137]
    The LinkStation can join an Active Directory domain. Up to 1000 domain users and 1000 groups may be downloaded from Active Directory. Note:If usernames or group names from Active Directory include multi-byte characters, you will not be able to configure access restrictions for them....
  6. TeraStation 7000 - After changing the port number under TeraSearch settings, I can no longer use TeraSearch
    [Answer ID: 15139]
    There is a bug with changing the port number under TeraSearch settings in the firmware version 2.00 - 2.10. When changing the port number and no longer use TeraSearch, reset the port number to the default port number "3000"....
  7. TeraStation 7000 - DLNA bug with firmware version 1.01 - 2.10
    [Answer ID: 15140]
    There is a bug with DLNA in the firmware version 1.01 - 2.10. When enabling DLNA, publish all shared folders regardless of the settings under shared folders. Disable DLNA server to avoid all folders from sharing with media players and other DLNA-compatible devices....
  8. LinkStation 400 - How to Configure FTP Server
    [Answer ID: 15143]
    By default, the LinkStation's shares are only accessible by users connected to the same network or routers as the LinkStation.The optional FTP server allows users outside the local network to access the LinkStation....
  9. LinkStation 400 - How do I set a fixed (static) IP address for the LinkStation?
    [Answer ID: 15144]
    Normally, the LinkStation's IP address is set automatically from a DHCP server on your network. If you prefer, you can set it manually. To change the LinkStation's IP address settings, your computer should be connected to the same router (subnet) as the LinkStation and should be running NAS Navigator2....
  10. LinkStation 400 - Online Update
    [Answer ID: 15145]
    If a new firmware is available, a message is displayed when the LinkStation boots. You can update the firmware by the following way: 1.In Advanced Settings, click [Management]. How to Open Settings...
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